How to Enjoy

Add cold water

...or preferred type of milk to inside fill line.


...until well blended.


...and Enjoy!
The joybol story

Stirring up unexpected joy

The chaotic morning, the missed train, the overloaded inbox — it’s amazing how quickly the joy can get sucked out of our day and we wanted to do something about it. At Kelloggs, we’ve learned a lot about mornings, snacking habits and wanted to create a convenient experience for those constantly looking to get ahead, yet always on the go.

With a lot of great feedback from people around us, we launched joybol with a mission to bring joy to your day anytime, anywhere. It’s a simple (just add cold water or milk), granola smoothie bowl that packs a protein punch combining layers of delicious creamy, crunchy textures from real ingredients like fruits, nuts, and seeds. It’s a taste experience that is truly unexpected. Stir it up and #bringthejoy.

Are You Hungry?

Are You Hungry?


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