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With mornings like yours, slow breakfast is no breakfast. You need something fast and satisfying, with a protein edge—and now you have options.

Meet joyböl: the ready-in-seconds granola smoothie bowl that fits your busy life.


How to Enjoy

Step 2: add cold water or preferred type of milk to inside fill line

Step 1

Add cold water or preferred type of milk to inside fill line.
Step 3: stir until well blended

Step 2

Stir until well blended.
Step 4: enjoy!

Step 3

The joybol story

Our Story

Obviously we need fuel to start the day. But most mornings it just sort of happens – the coat-pocket banana, the bagel en route to the train, the oatmeal stashed in our desk at work. Mechanical. Boring.

So we launched joyböl to bring joy back to breakfast. We put our heads together, and came up with a simple (just add water), portable, granola smoothie bowl that combines layered flavors and creamy, crunchy textures from real ingredients like fruits, nuts, and seeds with 10-11g Protein. Amazing on its own or can be customized any way you can imagine for a breakfast moment that’s uniquely your own.

Are You Hungry?

Are You Hungry?

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